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Monitored alarm systems are the cornerstone of home security. They allow you to get authorities on scene in the case of an emergency.  Whether you are looking for the latest home automation capabilities, or the best bang for the buck system, we have them all! 

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Doorbell cameras are a great tool that allow you to increase your visibility, extend your perimeter, and to know who is outside of your home without opening the door. They connect to your cell phone and allow you to see your front door anywhere.

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We offer all types of cameras from high resolution cameras with onsite storage to Wi-Fi cameras that upload to the cloud. All our options allow cell phone access from anywhere in the world. We have the solutions to fit your needs!

physical reinforcement of your home

Physical reinforcement strengthens your home against unauthorized entry. In an attempted home invasion, reinforcement buys you time, and time buys you options. 

Our key focus areas are: 
Doors and Locks, Windows, (windows can be reinforced!), Garages, Fences, Gates, Alley Ways,  and Landscaping vulnerabilities. 

The best outcome is deterrence of the criminal entirely.

About X Factor Home Security

Here at X Factor Home Security, we believe in a comprehensive approach to keeping you safe.

True home security can be broken down into three elements: Electronic Security, Physical Security, and Security Mindset. Only when you incorporate all three elements are you the safest you can be.