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No Obligation Consultation

At X Factor Home Security we start with a no charge Security Consultation. We will learn about your security situation and your specific security needs. We offer customized solutions. 

Alarm Systems

Professionally monitored alarm systems are vital crime deterrents. In the case of an emergency, they alert the authorities and get them on the scene fast. Every home should have an alarm system installed and actively monitored. We offer the flexibility to meet the needs of any budget, from a simple system to the latest monitored home automation technology. 

Video Doorbells

Doorbell cameras can give homeowners an extra sense security and provide another level of deterrence to criminals. It is comforting to know who has approached your house, and to have an electronic record of the events.

Camera Systems

Just like video doorbells, security cameras can give homeowners an extra sense of security as well as another level of deterrence to criminals. We recommend strategic placement in vulnerable areas around the perimeter of the house. Properly placed security cameras can prevent a would-be home invader from having undetected access in the nooks and crannies around your house.

Door Reinforcement

A kicking attack is a common route of entry of home invaders. Many doors can be kicked in with just one kick. Reinforcements can be made to your door that make it much more difficult to be kicked in. This will provide you time and it poses a strong deterrent to the would-be home invader.

Window Reinforcement

Security Screens

The next level of window protection is security screens. These screens are made of stainless steel and not the usual nylon. It is extremely difficult to cut through these security screens. The screens can be designed for easy egress in the case of a fire.

3m Safety & Security Film

3M Safety & Security film is a unique technology for reinforcement of windows. It is designed to be extremely tough while being almost completely invisible. When the window is broken, the 3M film holds the glass together and to the window frame, keeping the barrier in place.


Package 1 - Essential
  • Monitored Alarm System
  • Video Doorbell
Package 2 - Defender
  • Monitored Alarm System
  • Video Doorbell
  • Connected Cameras
Package 3 - Fort Knox
  • Monitored Alarm System
  • Video Doorbell
  • 24-Hour Surveillance System
  • Physical Reinforcement

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