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Our company was founded on the desire to provide enhanced safety for the families and homes in our communities. We believe that your home should be your haven and our goal is to provide the physical protection and mental peace to achieve just that.

At X Factor Home Security, we believe that the best security outcome is an incident-free home. We work to create an environment that discourages would-be home intruders from targeting your home to begin with, and we reinforce your home shield against unauthorized entry. We provide state of the art physical home reinforcement solutions to solidify the security of your property.

What we offer

The X Factor process begins with a personalized property assessment to identify your home’s vulnerabilities. Our licensed and insured safety technicians then create your personalized X Factor Home Safety Plan detailing your home safety opportunities. We then provide physical reinforcement and electronic recommendations to fortify your home, providing the security solutions that fit your budget.

Our core values of honesty and hard work allow us to provide quality service and highest level of customer satisfaction. We believe that the quality work that we do and our reputation in the community are what allows us to be successful. Our overarching goal is to provide you piece of mind.

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XFactor Home Security owner James discusses the importance of physical reinforcement to secure your home.

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Physical reinforcement buys you time, and time buys you options